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Prenatal Fit

Laura Tennal

Laura Tennal is a lifelong mover with a background primarily in dance. She has taught dance and creative movement to children for over ten years, and has taught all types of movement to adults with intellectual disabilities for nearly as long.

Laura has dabbled in yoga on and off throughout her adult life, but it was in 2020, when her siblings sent her a 30-day challenge from Yoga with Adriene and suggested they do it together, that she became hooked.

After outdoor classes at Bloom Yoga Studio Chicago helped her to make it through a difficult time, Laura decided to pursue her 200 hour yoga teacher certification there. Her favorite things about yoga are the breath and movement connection and the ways it can help soothe anxiety, as well as the simple joy movement can bring.

She hopes that she can help others to find some of the relief and happiness yoga has given her. Besides yoga, Laura loves to cook, read, hike, bike, and spend time with the little ones in her life. 

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